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Fiat Panda 2003-2013 Workshop Repair & Service Manual [COMPLETE & INFORMATIVE for DIY REPAIR] ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Fiat Panda 2003-2013 Workshop Repair & Service Manual
Fiat Panda 2003-2013 Workshop Repair & Service Manual

Fiat Panda 2003-2013 Workshop Repair & Service Manual [COMPLETE & INFORMATIVE for DIY REPAIR] ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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MAKE: Fiat
MODEL: Panda (1.1, 1.2 8V, 1.3 JTD 16V)
YEAR: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

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This highly detailed workshop service repair manual for download contains virtually everything you will ever need to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore Your Fiat Panda 2003-2013 (ALL MODELS ARE COVERED). All diagnostic and repair procedures and gives you access to the same information that professional technicians and mechanics have. You can view and print out the complete repair procedures with this workshop service repair manual Download – you do not need to be skilled with a computer.

It is applied to the left side of the floor at the rear of the luggage compartment and shows the following data.
A. Name of manufacturer
B. Homologation number
C. Vehicle type identification code
D. Chassis manufacture number
E. Maximum authorized weight of vehicle fully laden
F. Maximum authorized weight of vehicle fully laden plus trailer
G. Maximum authorized weight on first axle (front)
H. Maximum authorized weight on second axle (rear)
I. Engine type
L. Bodywork version code
M. Spares number.
N. Correct value of smoke absorption coefficient (Diesel engines only).
The vehicle is equipped with two threaded seats, one at the front and one at the back for fitting the two hook which is in the tool kit beneath the mat in the luggage compartment.
General warnings
When towing the vehicle, it is compulsory to resepct specific highway code regulations relating to the tow hook and procedures for towing on the road.
Before towing, make sure that the tow hook is fully tightened. Clean the threaded seat carefully before tightening the hook.
Turn the ignition key to the ON position and then OFF and DO NOT EXTRACT IT ! If the key is extracted the steering lock will come on automatically and it will be impossible to steer the wheels.
When towing, exercise greater force on the brake pedal because the brake servo is not operational.
The towing vehicle should be driven at as even a pace as possible to prevent counter-shocks.
Do not use flexible cables when towing and avoid jerky movements.
During towing operations, be careful that the fastening joining the joint to the vehicle does not damage adjacent components.
Do not start the engine of the towed vehicle whilst the vehicle is being towed.
For 4×4 versions, note that the vehicle may be towed in one of the following ways:
– with the front wheels raised and the rear wheels standing on a trolley;
– with the rear wheels raised and the front wheels standing on a trolley;
– loaded on the bed of the rescue vehicle with all four wheels on the floor.
For versions with robotised gearbox, the gearlever must be positioned on N (check the vehicle can be pushed) and proceed as when towing a normal vehicle with mechanical gearbox.
PANDA 1.1 Introduction – ENGINE
Hardened and tempered steel
Heat treatment applied to special steels to improve their mechanical characteristics: it consists of hardening, followed by tempering to induce a significant increase in toughness of the material.
Tempering: consists of heating to a temperature of < 720° Χ φολλοωεδ βψ σλοω χοολινγ, in order to attenuate the effects of the hardening without eliminating its effects. The material thus returns to a condition as close as possible to a stable chemical-physical balance. Hardening: this is obtained when the structure of the metal at high temperature is harder and stronger than when cold. CONTROL AREA NETWORK (CAN) The CAN communication network allows data transmission between the ECU and other car computers. The advantages of this system are that it does not require a lot of wiring and the number of sensors is reduced (because the computers are interconnected by the data transmission system, data supplied by one sensor may be used by several devices simultaneously). The CAN also makes the fault diagnosis system more effective, speeds up signal transmission and improves component electric/magnetic compatibility (relationship between the various electric and electronic circuits on the car and interaction between the car and its surroundings). The circuit that connects the ECU to the other terminals is an integrated circuit referred to as a CAN iinterface. Its function is to convert messages received by via the data transmission system into appropriate form. Condensation This the reverse of evaporation, i.e. when a substance passes from the vapour state to the liquid state; it takes place by compression or cooling. DUCTILE OR SPHEROIDAL CAST IRON Cast iron is referred to as ductile or spheroidal when, due to the addition of cerium and magnesium, globules or spheres of carbon at the graphite stage are contained in a mainly ferrite matrix. All the mechanical and technological properties of the metal are improved so it can be forged, welded and machined. Its applications are very wide, because - unlike normal cast iron - it offers appreciable strength and percentage lengthening values. Evaporation Also called vaporization, this is the passage of a body from the liquid state to the gaseous state. It occurs at any temperature, but, when all other conditions are the same, all the more slowly the lower the temperature. PWM PULSE WIDTH MODULATION A fixed voltage with modulated amplitude frequency pulses generated by the ECU to operate the actuators. A PWM voltage consists of a series of single polarity square waves. The ECU varies wave duration in response to demand. A, Off B, On C, Low resulting current D, Medium resulting current E, Maximum resulting current PWM PULSE WIDTH MODULATION A pulse width modulated current varies in proportion to the ratio between Wave and Space. The Wave-Space ratio is the relationship between periods when the power supply is on and periods when it is off. This ratio may be considered as a percentage, and this is the way the Duty Cycle is measured. Sensor This is a system which, stimulated by any form of energy, reacts by changing its state, hence one or more of its characteristics (resistivity, volume, temperature, etc.). For example, a material which, immersed in a magnetic field, undergoes a change in its conductivity, is a sensor. New-generation sensors are solid-state devices of microelectronic technology, which can read the environment and provide responses in the form of electrical signals for subsequent processing for final control actions. They can measure forces, acceleration, pressures and temperatures of gases, liquids and solids, concentrations of gases such as nitric oxides, oxygen, etc. Viscosity Property of matter whereby the particles of a body meet 'resistance' in sliding in relation to each other. The value of the resistance or internal friction depends on the nature of the body, large in solids, very small in viscous liquids and non-existent in gases. In liquids, viscosity decreases rapidly as temperature increases. Engine with 4 cylinders in line, 8 valves, 1242 cc., overhead camshaft with IAW 59 F electronic injection-ignition. POWER - 60 BHP EC at 5000 rpm TORQUE - 10.5 kgm EC at 3250 rpm CYLINDER ARRANGEMENT - 4 in line BORE - 70.8 mm STROKE - 78.86 mm CAPACITY - 1242 cc CYLINDER HEAD - aluminium CRANKCASE - cast iron CRANKSHAFT - in ductile cast iron with 8 counterweights and 5 main bearings with torsional damper TIMING SYSTEM - two overhead camshafts, mechanical tappets, 2 valves per cylinder FUEL SYSTEM - returnless system with Marelli 59 F phased sequential injection, pintless Pico inejctors IGNITION - fully electronic, inductive discharge with lost spark EMISSION CONTROL DEVICES - trivalent catalytic converter LUBRICATION - forced via in-line trochoidal gear pump. COOLING: liquid with forced circulation via a centrifugal pump and sealed circuit; radiator and additional expansion tank. Engine operation is ensured by the following systems: fuel supply system air supply system; exhaust system with catalytic converter fuel vapour recirculation system engine cooling system. The operation of these systems is optimized by an electronic control system governed by a control unit (see subunit 1056). General view 1, Engine and power unit 2, Fuel tank and pipes 3, Pump(s) and fuel circuit devices 4, Engine air supply circuit 5, Petrol injection system 6, Exhaust pipes and silencers 7, Emission control system 8, Engine lubrication system 9, Engine cooling system fuel supply system It is the returnless type with an electric fuel pump immersed in the tank and a casing which incorporates the voltage regulator, the fuel gauge and the filter (for further details see 1040). Air supply system Air supply system with plastic inlet manifold and large air filter casing to limit inlet noise (for further details see 1048 and 1072 ). Exhaust system The exhaust system is equipped with a system for post-treating exhaust gases with a lambda probe and catalytic converter fitted in the engine bay (for further details see 1076). Emission control system The following emission control systems are fitted on this model: Exhaust emission control system with a three-way catalytic converter and Lambda sensor; crankcase vapour/gas recirculation system; fuel evaporation control system, (for further details see 1080). Cooling system Forced circulation with a centrifugal vane pump (for further details see 1088).

Price: $14.99 USD