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Kia Sportage 1993-2016 Workshop Repair & Service Manual

Kia Sportage 1993-2016 Workshop Repair & Service Manual
Kia Sportage 1993-2016 Workshop Repair & Service Manual

Kia Sportage 1993-2016

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Ignition System – 2.0L – Sportage
Ignition timing is controlled by the electronic control ignition timing system. The standard reference ignition timing data for the engine operating conditions are preprogrammed in the memory of the ECM (Engine Control Module). The engine operating conditions (speed, load, warm-up condition, etc.) are detected by the various sensors. Based on these sensor signals and the ignition timing data, signals to interrupt the primary current are sent to the ECM. The ignition coil is activated, and timing is controlled.
Spark Test
1. Disconnect the ignition coil connectors (A).
Fig. 1: Identifying Ignition Coil Connectors
2. Remove the ignition coils (A).
Fig. 2: Identifying Ignition Coils
3. Using a spark plug socket, remove the spark plug.
4. Install the spark plug to the ignition coil.
5. Ground the spark plug to the engine.
Fig. 3: Grounding Spark Plug
6. Check if spark occurs while engine is being cranked.
NOTE: To prevent fuel being injected from injectors while the engine is being cranked, disconnect the injector connector.
Crank the engine for no more than 5 ~ 10 seconds.
7. Inspect all the spark plugs.
8. Using a spark plug socket, install the spark plug.

Price: $19.99 USD